The efficacy of The Serum was tested by an independent laboratory, Dermscan in France.

During testing, 36 women aged 45-65 applied the Serum to the facial skin 2x/day for 28 days. After 28 days, the skin hadr less wrinkles, higher collagen density, more moisture and  a nice complexion of a more radiant and luminous skin

The results from Eurofin/Dermscan, France

•13% increase in hydration of skin
•Up to 20% increase in collagen density of skin
•14% less loss of water from skin TEWL
•9% more even skin
•18% more lumnious and radiant skin
•21% more even complexion (less lines and wrinkels)
•24% smoother skin
•21% detoxificaiton of the skin