Soon after I turned 60, I started to notice dramatic changes in the area around my eyes.  The once firm skin above my eyes became slack and began to sag, and the skin below my eyes became increasingly more puffy and baggy. Through my research, I learned that these change are some of the most common signs of aging. The collagen that supports the delicate eye area becomes stretched, losing firmness and fluid builds up due increased capillary permeability creating bags, that become dark in color due to migration of compounds from the  blood into the fragile skin layers. To counteract these signs of aging and recapture the look of youthful eyes, I formulated an ultra-pure emulsion using bioactives from Edelweiss and Viola. The outcome was stunning and far beyond what  I had even dared hope for. Now there is no need to consider a surgical operation on my eye lids. They are already firm and quite taut and smooth for a 65 year old :-).

Enjoy and remember, “Beauty is your true Nature”.