In Iceland, we have access to amazingly pure water that has been filtered through the Earth’s strata and volcanic rock over thousands of years. Indeed, the water we access now is between 1,000 and 5,000 years old.  This is the water that fell as precipitation when the Pharaohs ruled Egypt and the Vikings migrated across the North Atlantic to settle in Iceland

For us, who are used to this water, nothing is comparable. Not only is the water pure, but also crystal clear and amazingly vibrant.  We feel that a good part of the energetic atmosphere and high levels of innovation in Iceland may stem from the geological power of our land and the unique water that it provides.

We believe that the lava filtered water that we use in the TARAMAR products is a vital component and helps to create the unique vibrations of these products and the visible changes to your skin that they deliver. See also our discussion on MolekularWater®.