This skincare powerhouse comes with actual “WOW effects”. In only 4-7 days of regular use, you’ll see visible changes every time you look in the mirror as the fine lines around your eye begin to vanish. The results are so amazing that this is the product that we, the staff of Taramar, won’t be without. Each of us uses The Serum every day. And, this is the product that our customers call us for in the middle of the night because they’re catching a flight the next morning and they’ve run out and don’t want to miss a day.

Vastly different from other serums on the market, the TARAMAR serum is a water-based gel that won’t leave a sticky feeling on your skin. Instead, The Serum absorbs rapidly and deeply into your pores, creating a protective film to guard the surface of the skin. This is the algae that infuse the serum at work with its precious compounds that inhibit the dermal enzymes that break down collagen and elastin fibers of your skin. Together with a beautiful collagen supporting peptide, this formula is indeed able to work wonders for both youthful and aging skin.

We’ve also received numerous reports from people who dealing with skin diseases or less drastic issues such as roughened skin, growths and red, irritated skin, indicating that The Serum is a multi-tasking product with a multitude of skin benefits. We’ve also asked an independent laboratory in France, Dermscan, to perform an efficacy study on a group of 36 women over 28 days. The results showed that use of The Serum resulted in an:

  • Increase in skin hydration an average of 13%
  • Increased collagen of 3% (up to 20%)
  • 14% decreased water loss
  • 18% increase in skin illumination
  • 21% increase in evenness of tone
  • 24% increase in skin smoothness (less wrinkles)