Some of the testimonials have been translated from Icelandic using Google translate. We apologize for any wrong spelling or grammar but prefer not to edit the google translate so that the testimonials are “untouched” 🙂

Inga DóraBjörgvinsdóttir  recommends Taramar. These products are Wonderful. I have used the whole line almost a whole year and I feel a significant difference on the skin. The Pure Skincare Club is a real genius, I definitely recommend it.

Anna Guðmundsdóttir Very good serum feels very good on the skin after applying it goes well into the skin does not stick to cloths or the skin ??

Sigrún Hjaltalín A great product, I definitely recommend it, also for people with sensitive skin

Rúrí Fannberg I say it again: the Taramar products are unique, there is nothing like them

Magnea Helga 
Absolutely insane products the skin comes alive and  my skin is radiant, I have tried quite a lot over the years and there is NOTHING that comes close to what these products do for the skin ?

Lauren Ford Brilliant, on a side note, I gave my mum some of the trials you gave me and she absolutely loves them, she usually used La Mer but thinks Taramar is better. She was asking me to ask if you ship to the UK yet if she wanted to buy some? 

Giovanna Rotondo  recommends Taramar. The purest and Best skincare I have ever used. I’m testing your products and I find them dramatically different from other organic ones on the market. They are gorgeous!!

Helena Sigtryggsdottir  I have been using this product for a while. I think it is absolutely fantastic and I think the cleansing oil is the best I have used. Highly recommend this product

Hafdís Karlsdóttir á facebook These are great products, whether it is the cleansing oil that is a total hit, the serum or the day cream. Looking forward to seeing the new packaging

Helga Gudmunds  Been using this product for over a month – great functionality! I have tried many brands but this one is the very best

Þóra Harðardóttir Awesome products, just the fragrance brings one on a trip into natureIn these covid times❤

Dolores Daniel I have never had a natural skincare product so gentle and effective on my sensitive skin. Since I am a skincare enthusiast, I tend to notice quickly the impact of different products on my skin.  Perhaps it’s a coincidence of several factors but I don’t remember wearing this little make-up during the past 10 years as I have during using and after finishing the serum. My skin is glowing, looks amazing and healthy, plump and I have received so many compliments about it. True, I am still 32 and don’t damage my skin very much, but I can see the effects of aging still. Somehow my face is not so red anymore even after a big temperature change (after sauna or a hot shower) and the skin doesn’t pull and flake as usually during winter. So overall, I am very thankful of your hard work and the purity of the products you’ve created.