The TARAMAR line of ultra-pure skincare products are freshly made from sustainably harvested seaweed from the pristine oceans West of Iceland, as well as organically grown herbs from Iceland‘s Eastern Highlands

All the TARAMAR products have a confirmed shelf-life of more than 36 months, unless they are repeatedly opened and external bacteria are allowed to enter the bottle’s contents – for example by touching the pump rod with the fingers.

However, to enjoy the most visible skin-perfecting benefits from the bioactive compounds in the products which produce the anti-aging results you want, we recommend using every product within one year. This is due to the fragility and the reactive nature of bioactives in general and is true of most bioactive compounds, no matter what brand you buy.

This means that for maximum benefits, do not store the products for an extended period of time and use soon after purchase. Once opened, you products will remain fresh and active for 4-5 months when stored at room temperature.