The efficacy of the Purifying Treatment was tested by an independent laboratory, Dermscan in France.

During testing, 35 women aged 45-65 applied the Purifying Treatment 2x/day for 84 days. After 28 days, their skin was softer, brighter and deeply cleansed. It also was quenched, infused with moisture, and radiant. At the end of 84 days, their complexion was dramatically improved and showed evidence of detoxing for clear, healthy skin.

•7% increase in firmness of skin
•6-11% increase in hydration rate
•Significant detox effects (decrease of olive color)
•Signific. Increase in homogeneity (even complexion, after 56d)
•Significant improvement in radiance and illumination (after 28d)
•Significant improvement in fineness of skin texture (after 84d)
•Significant improvement in Beige and Pink colors (after 28 d)
•Significant decrease in redness (after 28  days)