The Healing Treatment by TARAMAR is the cream that we keep with us wherever we go. This cream can solve so many skin issues.  We’ve received countless testimonials and stories of how people have used this cream for skin problems that are otherwise hard to erase.

By combining the best of herbs from Icelandic nature and our vibrant Molekular Water with the soothing and nourishing oils from southern locations, this formula delivers advanced skin conditioning while easing irritation and dryness, stimulating skin repair, and cooling and nurturing skin damaged due to UV exposure or burns.

Here you’ll find suggestions on how to use this cream as well as testimonials. However, please note that no clinical trials have been completed and that these suggestions are based solely on the experience described by our customers.

We would also love to hear about your own experience with The Healing Treatment, so please use the comment window below.

  • Many of our customers use this cream as their go-to facial and body cream or combine it with their other TARAMAR skincare products, especially if their skin has becomes too dry or has been damaged in some way. 
  • Use this cream on burned skin. If the burn is severe, apply the cream to the burned skin repeatedly. Use enough that you can see a coating of the cream on top of the damaged skin for the first two hours. This may require re-application every 10-15 minutes, or until the skin starts to calm. You will notice that the cream soothes the burning sensation instantly.
  • This cream is possibly the best after-sun skincare that you will find, and without a doubt one of the purest options ever. Applying the cream after sunbathing will help the skin to heal rapidly and prevent or lessen scaling and peeling.
  • Try this cream if you live with Rosacea as numerous customers have told us that it helps to calm and soothe their skin.
  • Try this cream on acne. We’ve received numerous testimonials from who suffered from serious acne problems and were able to recover a smooth, healthy, acne-free complexion by using the Healing Treatment.
  • Use this cream for flaking skin, both on the face or elsewhere on the body.
  • Use this cream on your scalp if it is flaking, irritated or dry. It may even encourage healthy hair growth and a full head of hair if the cause of hair loss is an underlying scalp concern, lack of hydration, or overgrowth of the keratin layer (keratosis).
  • Try this cream on insect bites to soothe and calm. Healing Treatment and Tea Tree oil may be all that you need.
  • This cream is possibly one of the best under-diaper solutions that you will find and is pure, safe, and effective. This is true for both children and adults.
  • This cream is also good for all areas of the body that may rub or chafe or where microbes have a tendency to grow. For example, baby’s skin folds, areas around the anus or urethra, or even the lower back where people with mobility problems may have a hard time reaching. Use of the cream may help maintain skin condition to prevent breakdown and irritation.
  • In general, the cream is good for all dried skin problems. This is also true for sensitive areas such as the vagina and the male sexual organs.


Testimonials (some are translated from Icelandic)

I need to tell you about my experience with the Healing Treatment. It is not based on research, only testing on myself. Few months ago my hair started to fall out. My scalp became inflamed with a continuous burning sensation. Apparently the hair sacks were inflamed and the MD‘s that I visited had no solution for me.  At one stage I noticed the Healing Treatment standing on my bathroom shelf and I thought why to try to apply this; which I did late in the evening just before I went to sleep. Sometime, during the night I woke up my scalp was burning and I  litterally though I had gone bald. However, in the morning I  noticed that my hariloss was less than it had been. I repeated the application the night after and again no hairloss in the morning. I took a  3 day break, and the whole thing started again with hariloss and scalp discomfort. I repeated the application and now I am back to normal and the hairloss has stopped. [Hugrún Óskarsdóttir July 10, 2020]

Healing Treatment saved my skin this summer; I got severly sunburned! [Liv Gunnhildur Stefánsdóttir, 3 July 2020)

The Healing Treatment has worked extremly well on my dry skin both my face and feets. [Sigrún Árnadóttir, 19 May 2020]

I treated insect bites on my face with the Healing Treatment. It worked really well J  [Inga Dóra Björgvinsdótir, 15 May 2020]

Dear Gudrun, For a very long time I have suffered from dry and flaked skin on my eyebrows and between the eyes when the weather is cold and dry. Again and again I had to use steroids to calm the skin. You may remember, but few years ago I tried the Healing Treatment for the first time and since then I have used it on this problem area every day and have not had any need for steroid treatment. More recently I  have suffered from dry and flaked skin on a large area frontal on my head (I am bald). I think it is the dry weather and the geothermal water that is responsible. So I thought I should try the Healing Treatment as well on this area, and guess what, it worked ! The dry area has disappeared and my skin looks whole and healthy. This is so great and I am so happy that I don‘t have to use the steroid ointments anymore. Thank you J [Kristbjörn Egilsson, 14 may 2020]

First sincere thanks for letting us try the Taramar products. I do love them and this is one of the best face cream that I have ever tried. Rosie (18 year old) our Patricks daughter has used the Rescue cream for 10 days. I have attached a before and after photo that shows amazing changes to her skin. She call this the Miracle cream. Rosie has tried many different creams with no effects. She is truly grateful for your cream.[Hild Martin 1 June 2014]

I got seriously sunburned yesterday. I used the rescue cream and at last could sleep through the night, although I could tell that the skin was sensitive. It did remove all the burning feeling. [Halldór Ingi 3 March 2007]

 One of our cows got bitten by a horse so that a large clump of tissue was missing from her thigh. A similar thing happened for one of our other cows last year and then it took many weeks to heal the wound.  As it happened I had the Healing Treatment that you gave me and I tried to apply it to the wound. This time it took only a few days to heal. Isn’t that amazing? Also I thought to let you know that this cream works extremely well on udders. In the autumn when the grass has is dry and hard like razors, our cows get hurt when the udders sling back and forth through the grass. This cream has worked wonders and kept our cows safe and happy J [Sigríður Jónsdóttor, 7 August 2006]