The herbs and vegetables used in the TARAMAR line of pure Icelandic skincare are grown organically under the midnight sun during the summer season that is generally both cold and short.  As a result these fruits of nature are full of powerful bioactive compounds including antioxidants, vitamins and skin healing substances.

Handpicked from Iceland‘s pure and wild natural resources, these include many traditional medicinal herbs such as Calendula, Yarrow, viola, Angelica and Eye Bright as well as a selection of vegetables such as carrots and radishes.

In our research we use novel techniques to evaluate the bioactivity and establish the effects of our extracted compounds to understand how they work to support, nourish and heal the skin. We’ve discovered that these herbs contain an array of different properties that condition the skin, protect cells against oxidation, promote healthy skin cell growth, balance inflammation, scavenge free radicals and stimulate cells to fight aging.

The growth season at the northern latitude is very different from southern ones. In Iceland the herbs are grown at 6-15 °C (42- 59° F) during a growth season, which is short, only 3 months. However, in compensation, the days are long with the sun above the horizon most of the time. It is of special interest to understand how this condition affects the accumulation and strength of the bioactive compounds. For this purpose collection of data and comparison to other sources is ongoing and is a prime part of TARAMAR‘s research effort. See other stories on our bioactives as well.