Through her work on biology of marine organisms, Dr. Gudrun Marteinsdottir, Professor at University of Iceland, became increasingly inspired by the hidden healing potential of marine compounds derived from seaweed and other marine organisms.

Also experiencing discomfort from skincare products, Gudrun initiated a research into safety of cosmetic ingredients.

In a recent interview she said “Of course things have improved, but in 2005 when I became interested in the science of cosmetics, my findings were scary. Most products contained a number of cruel compounds, some which were straight out toxic and even confirmed to have cancer causing potential. Today, many companies have cleaned up their formula; however despite that it is hard to find products that contain no cruel compounds. This is important as many chemicals are absorbed through the skin”.

Since 2005, it has been Gudrun’s mission to develop skin care that is totally safe both for the skin and the inner body. Experiencing the magic of the exceptional quality of the Icelandic seaweed and medicinal herbs and the outstanding performance of formulae that were made from such high quality and pure ingredients, she became inspired to create a whole new approach to the world of skin care products:


Only ingredients of highest quality that are safe for the skin and inner body. All main ingredients should be traceable to their origin, organically certified or from a confirmed pure wild source.

Highly bioresonating formula of few selected ingredients that support each other in total synergy.

Development and confirmation of potent bioactive compounds from pure natural resources through long term research using scientific methods.

Slow cosmetic methodology for greater results.

Quality over Quantity. Avoid the mechanical energies of mass production through careful crafting of individual products in small batches.

Respect for the Environment. Only sustainable harvesting methods. Use of environmentally friendly electrical water to clean and sanitize, instead of harsh soaps or solvents.