The TARAMAR products are a result of a meticulous process and innovative research. Using Icelandic seaweed and organically grown medicinal herbs, we have extracted potent ingredients and confirmed their bioactivity to create pure and safe skin care products that work with nature – not against her.

The fast and long term results of the TARAMAR products are based on the bioactive power of the Icelandic seaweeds and organically grown medicinal herbs, collagen supporting peptides and enzymes made available at inter-cellular levels using natural delivery systems.

Innovative research based on life cell models have enabled us to understand how the potent bioactives interact within the cells. The marine seaweed extractions have impressively high antioxidant values and together with the medicinal herbs, cell processes are stimulated that lower inflammation
and promote healthier cells.

Keep the Treasure safe

The seaweed used in the TARAMAR products is collected in the clean oceans around Iceland in a sustainable way. The bioactive compounds in seaweed are fragile and break down when exposed to light. TARAMAR products are delivered in black glass bottles to ensure long lasting effectiveness.